Lately, the republics created after the break up of Yugoslavia, mainly Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro, have become desired destinations for US film production companies looking for fresh locations for reasonable rates.

We have signed agreements to represent one of the most experienced companies in Serbia, FILM 87 BELGRADE. Under the leadership of Piero Amati, who started out in the 80's as a production manager for a number of leading US film and television companies, FILM 87 has become one of the standard bearers in the Balkans. While the preponderance of the work done by Film 87 was done for major Italian companies, this company also worked on large international films with a number of stars that included Christopher Walken, Jeremy Irons, Bob Hoskings, Danny Huston, Diego Luna, Paz Vega, Milena Canonero and with Vittorio Storaro. Due to his great connection in Italy, Piero Amato can easily procur the latest technology, supplies, and vehicles from Rome (flying time 70 minutes).

Just as our other clients, FILM 87 has available English speaking crews of the highest standard. Since Serbia is a land locked country, FILM 87 often uses for locations the stunning natural locations of the neighboring Republic of Montenegro.

Samples of Serbian and Montenegro Locations