From the ornate palaces of St. Petersburg to the boulevards of Moscow to Siberia's stunning Lake Baikal, Russia has the wide variety of locations one would expect from the largest country in the world. However, though there are huge benefits of filming in Russia, a production there needs a guide. That's where The Film Office comes into the picture. The Film Office is very excited about its new, much larger Russian partner, ANDREI KONCHALOVSKY PRODUCTION CENTER. This company was established by the cult director Andrei Konchalovsky, who started out years ago as a screenwriter (Andrei Rublev) shot a number of wonderful films in Russia (his latest one, Nutcracker in 3D, will open on New Year 2011) and has had a successful career in Hollywood (Runaway Train, Tango and Cash, Inner Circle). The ANDREI KONCHALOVSKY PRODUCTION CENTERhas serviced a number of US and British films, the most recent one was The Last Station about the waning days of Leo Tolstoy (with Helen Miren and Christopher Plummer.) This company is not only able to navigate the challenges of filming in Russia but their principle is professionalism at all times.

Working with ANDREI KONCHALOVSKY PRODUCTION CENTER, we offer everything from preliminary research and location scouting to travel planning and visa assistance to casting to equipment rental to laboratory and postproduction. Whether you are looking for the traditional or the surprising locations in Russia, The Film Office is your link. We help you avoid any problems that might arise and can turn a "Nyet" into a "Da."


Samples of Russian Locations