RELOAD FILM BUCHAREST is our latest client and we are very excited about signing up with them. RELOAD FILM was for years the premier Romanian commercial producer. They filmed over 300 commercials, a large number of which were done for foreign producers from United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Many of these commercials won prizes at international festivals.

Most Romanian production houses do not have their own production crews and therefore they like to hire the English (and also partially French and Italian) speaking crew that is a regular for RELOAD.

Two years ago RELOAD FILM got into feature film production. They have produced a large budget British film and recently just finished a co-production with a major French film company.

The young, eager, fluent English production team can work with you on all the stages of production, from script breakdown and budgeting to post production. They also have good relationship with the best caterers and equipment suppliers throughout Romania and Europe and will get you the best deals. Whether you are shooting a music video or a major motion picture with hundreds of extras, RELOAD offers you the best production experience in Bucharest.


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