Shooting the remake of “The Ten Commandments”, “Queen of Sheeba” or the latest drama from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? One of the most obvious locations is Morocco. Not involved in the Arab uprisings, this is a peaceful country full of exotic locations. No wonder dozens of films from all over the world come to film parts or whole films. Just among the major Hollywood movies, one could mention “Prince of Persia”, “Babel”, “Alexander”, “Troy”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Gladiator” etc.

The Film Office represents Morocco Film Production company under the direction of the experienced Producer Abdelhay Elanbassi. Though established only in September 2004, Morocco Film Production is a full-service production company based in Marrakesh. It offers production services to international films, TV, commercials, music videos, and alike. Morocco is a country full of stunning locations from the historical cities of Marrakesh, Casablanca, and Tangiers, with ancient crooked narrow streets and old souks of the Casbah, miles of desert dunes, beautiful beaches.

Morocco Film Production was the first company in this country to introduce Red One Digital camera, and is still the only one with Epic.

Mr. Elanbassi has long standing relationships with Morroco’s best crews, casting agents and equipment houses. Morocco Film Production will enable you to enjoy a truly first class film production experience

Samples of Moroccan Locations