The Maldives is a group of about 1200 islands separated into a series of coral atolls. About 200 of these islands are inhabited. Many of these tropical atolls are simply gorgeous with swaying palms, white sandy beaches and deep blue lagoons. Due to their location just north of the Equator, The Maldives offer year round good weather that allows shooting with minimal effort needed for production and designing.

Due to it being tucked away quietly in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives Islands offer privacy, so important especially when the shoot involves high profile acting talent and confidentiality. The proximity to India allows film companies shooting at The Maldives easy access to equipment rental and will bring down the cost of transportation of the team and equipment.

Our partner in The Maldives is BLUE N WHITE—a productions company that has been making an impact ever since its inception in 2003. Under the leadership of Mohamed Ibrahim BLUE N WHITE combines the demands from the film makers and the producers with hands-on approach to getting things done. Their growing list of clientele is a witness to their capability in working with the film company, being thus a prime assistant in filming in this paradise on earth.


Samples of Maldives Islands Locations