Latvia is a new frontier for international film making. Long suffering under Soviet occupation, this Baltic republic has a rich cultural tradition and many beautiful locations. We offer you the services of the Latvian company EGO MEDIA, a full service production company, probably the top film company in Latvia. EGO MEDIA will help you to coordinate your production, recruite local professionals, select a cast, and ensure technical resources. They offer location-scouting and management in Riga, this old Hanseatic city, the birthplace of the great father of cinema Sergei Eizenstein, an Art-Noveau capital with both a colorful Old Town and modern centres. You will find exuberant small-town locations as well as picturesque countryside landscapes, wild forests and the sea.

The staff of EGO MEDIA has a long experience in movie production and numerous international co-productions, as well as with acting as service producers. For instance in 2008,they serviced the shooting of the historical film The Invention of the Curry Sausage (Die Entdeckung der Currywurst) in Riga in co-operation with the German company Tag/Traum. For this film a whole Riga suburb was changed into Hamburg of 1940.

The owner of EGO MEDIA, Guntis Tekteris, is a leading Latvian producer with a large number of local and international films under his belt (Dark Deer, Leaving by the Way, Midsummer Madness, etc).

Starting with 2010, the Riga City Council offers to foreign productions a 10-15% rebate of the budget spent in Riga with a Latvian production comp


Samples of Latvian Locations