Since The Film Office strives to have a trully global reach, we have also signed up one of the largest film companies in the Middle East—FILMIX of Amman, Jordan.

FILMIX specializes in all aspects of production services for feature films, documentary projects, TV commercials, and any other media events they may be called upon to assist. It delivers maximum impact at a minimum cost and in the shortest possible timeframe to its clients. FILMIX has the experience and capability to turn fantasy into reality, whether it be turning Amman into Baghdad, the desert landscape into a lunar landscape, or a highway into a runway. Any setting, any scene, Filmix has the ability, knowledge and track record to make it happen.

With over 10 years experience, of providing services for a number of international companies and celebrities ranging from Placido Domingo, to Sting, to Mark Burnett, FILMIX provides  a wide range of services tailored for the specific requirements of film production, ranging from location scouts/managers, production managers, equipment, costume design, cast, crew, catering, hospitality, transportation, set construction, budgeting , and any other aspect that may be required.

FILMIX’s founders have extensive cultural and historical knowledge of Jordan, working for many years in corporate/client hospitality, hosting such notable public figures from the President of Singapore, to Mayor Daley of Chicago and executives from many international global brands. Their work ethic is to strive for excellence and provide the best production, location and logistical support for any film company intending to work in Jordan.

Samples of Jordanian Locations