One of our more recent partnership was signed with Jean-Michel Paoli of COMRADE FILM ICELAND. Jean-Michel is a producer with 20 years of experience, both in France and in Iceland. He worked for several years for PEGASUS FILM where he was in charge of servicing productions from Spain, Italy, France and other European countries. Since he established his own Comrade Film he already worked on a number of commercials for Japanese and French companies, most recently for Peugeot Concept Car (see it on youtube).The untamed beauties of Iceland's nature seem to be ready made for car commercials but occasionally a feature film also requires the unusual background of geysers, waterfalls, thermally heated lagoons, fjords, and some stunning modern architecture. Next time you want a country with fresh, little seen locations, think of Iceland and of Comrade Film. (Due to the long winter, most companies film during the warmer months of May-October, unless you require snowed in plains.)


Samples of Iceland Locations