The Film Office represents two of the leading Hungarian film production companies. SKYFILM BUDAPEST was established after the fall of communism by the noted Hungarian film director Gabor Herendi. It has since produced a large number of Hungarian and foreign motion pictures as well as TV shows and commercials. KATAPULT FILM was established in 2000 by a group of recent graduates of the Film and Theater Arts Academy. The 8 directors and 2 editors joined forces with two young Hungarian producers and the result was one of the most energetic and mercurial companies in Hungary. They have since produced a number of films (including some international festival winners), as well as commercials and documentaries.
Both of these companies will provide US producers we recommend to them with cost free script breakdown, production budget and ideas for locations.

Budapest is a popular center for foreign productions and co-productions. Hungary offers foreign film makers the beauties of its elegant capital, Budapest, on the Danube river; Balaton, one of the largest lakes in Europe; the flatlands of the Hortobagy steppes; many 18th and 19th century chateaux and castles and well preserved folk architecture in smaller towns and villages.

Hungarian government is giving very favorable tax incentives to qualifying foreign film companies shooting in Hungary. This new Hungarian Film Law allows for up to 20% rebate to foreign film producers using Hungary for filming.


Samples of Hungarian Locations