The Czech Government has finally approved a CZECH FILM INDUSTRY SUPPORT PROGRAM, offering 20% rebates on Czech Qualifying expenditures and 10% on qualifying international expenditures." Czech Spend" are costs and services provided in the Czech Republic and paid to companies or individuals registered to pay income tax in the Czech Republic. Eligible spend may not exceed 80% of project's total budget. Please contact us for further details and conditions of the tax incentives.

The Film Office, located in North Hollywood,California, is an official US agent for a number of Czech film production groups, including such vibrant companies as ARMADA FILM, FILMSERVICE PRAGUE, FORWARD INTERNTATIONAL, and CZECH-ANGLO PRODUCTIONS. These companies have been over the years responsible for producing or servicing hundreds of commercials. music videos. feature films and TV series, and still photo shoots. We also handle CGI groups and 3D animation studios e.g. Tricks.CZ. Another of our clients, Nancy Bishop Casting, can provide you with top notch actors from throughout Europe.

The Film Office can facilitate both productions and co-productions for films that use the facilities and stunning locations in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Film Office focuses on serving all your needs with professionalism and enthusiasm. Filming in the Czech republic provides you with some of the best English speaking crews in Europe, and all that you need for your pre-production, production, and post-production.We can supply you with all the equipment from the latest in cameras, AVID editing suites, film music recording using some of the world's top orchestras, several CGI groups, Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround equipped sound studios.

Our Czech partners can provide productions that we recommend with free script breakdown, budgets, and even location scouting trips. Every year dozens of American, British, German, and French films are shot using the sound stages of Barrandov or one of the smaller studios in Prague. In the same vicinity there are well over 400 castles, beautiful palaces, churches, medieval villages, mountains, and forests of the Czech Republic. Many of these theatrical films as well as TV and commercials are filmed in Prague, whose streets, opera houses, hotels, and theaters stand for Paris of Marie Antoinette as well as the 1920’s, London of Dickens as well as James Bond, WWII Berlin or Vienna at the time of Mozart and Beethoven.

Samples of Czech Locations