Based on The Film Office’s track record of success, we have branched out to serve as the official US representative for UTOPIA FILMS RIO DE JAINEIRO– the leading choice for production services in Brazil and Venezuela .  With this agreement, we are able to facilitate film productions in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Caracas, the Amazon jungle and elsewhere in Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and in Argentina and Uruguay with Oruga Cine Buenos Aires.

UTOPIA FILMS RIO DE JAINEIRO offers world class production and post-production facilities one block from the beach in Copacabana.  Within a 60 mile radius of Rio de Janeiro, there are rain forests, skyscrapers, cobbled stone streets, ultra-modern homes, castles, waterfalls, historic buildings, beaches, mountains, sand dunes, tropical islands, and farms.   South America has an incredibly diverse casting pool (for instance, Sao Paulo has the largest Japanese community outside Japan).  Brazil’s Globo TV is the fourth largest television network in the world and has trained generations of set designers, art directors, and stylists.  And productions costs in Brazil are approximately one-third of those in the United States.

For all these reasons, South America is the next great spot for all your location needs – and, despite its name, The Film Office is your one-stop connection to everything your production will need.  “The Film Office” is Spanish or Portuguese for “Making Your South American Filming Go Off Without a Hitch.”


Samples of Brazilian Locations