Lately there has been a rising interest in using Argentina and Buenos Aires for production background. The Film Office has therefore signed up with ORUGA-CINE--a Production Company established in 1998, and one that has been among the most important production companies in Argentina ever since.

After a couple of successful years of working exclusively in commercial advertising for the domestic market (which gained several international awards including the Cannes Golden Lion), Oruga Cine began to offer their Production Services to foreign companies. It has already worked for and with producers from the US, the UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Hong Kong. Working with different people from different cultures and traveling the globe on filming locations, has taught Oruga's crews to understand the needs of companies that often travel a long distance to find the right location, and to communicate beyond language boundaries.

Argentina has been, similarly to the US, a real melting pot of nations from all over the world and so it offers great casting possibilities, not only as far as the quality of its actors, but also because of the fact that Italians, Eastern European, Germans, Scandinavian, and Americans and other nations, all live in this beautiful country. The city of Buenos Aires presents modern buildings interacting with colonial architecture, many parks and green areas, streets that look like Madrid, a whole neighborhood that looks like Paris, and a beautiful harbor located in the shores of the widest river in the world. Argentina is quite a big country (it almost doubles the area of Spain, France and Germany together) and so it is possible to find there all kinds of weather and landscapes. From the 21,000 feet high mountains of the Andes to the large Plains in the Pampas; desert, rain forest, snow and vineyards covered by grapes - all at the same time of the year. Another important thing to bear in mind: While it's cold there in August, the Argentinians spend their New Year´s Eve in shorts and swim suits.

Samples of Argentinian Locations