Kosovo and Albania are still virgin territories, a new unspoiled frontier for film makers. Both countries have a strong mixture of Christian and Moslem traditions, so you will find there not only old cathedrals but also dozens of great mosques and Islamic architecture which allows for filming Middle Eastern locals just an hour away from Rome, Munich, or Vienna. Both countries also have unspoiled natural beauty that you have not seen in films or commercials before. Though there are no tax incentives (there has yet been no reason to establish any) the costs are extremely reasonable even by Balkan standard.

URA FILMS, our partner with offices in Pristina (Kosovo) is a real go-to young company under the leadership of the actor, producer, and PM Artan Geca. URA can help you with location scouting, production needs, and coordinating all that you will need for a successful shoot in this area. They can service motion pictures, TV productions, commercials and music videos. Check out this undiscovered part of Europe, find new locations in Kosovo and Albania.


Samples of Kosovo and Albania Locations